Featured Desktop: Chaitanya Choudhary

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May 18

This is the unique and interesting desktop of Chaitanya Choudhary, a professional designer and a web developer. Here is a huge full-res version.

Chaitanya explains:

The desktop is using Windows 7 Ultimate with a couple of amazing plugins such as Rain Meter. The desktop beautifully explains that the owner is a Designer and a Developer. The most amazing part of the desktop is the Background, explaining the life of a Developer+Designer.

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  1. D'zinc on the 18th May

    Skol – Brazilian beer.

  2. Reuben Chng on the 18th May

    Looks very nice! I just realized I have a very boring desktop.

  3. QuickMedia on the 18th May

    Does anyone know what Rain meter skin this is?

    • Chaitanya Choudhary on the 22nd May

      I am using various Rainmeter themes for different components.

  4. Ritesh Sanap on the 19th May

    Just Awesome, their are no other words to describe it.

  5. Chaitanya Choudhary on the 19th May

    Thank You Guys..

  6. Chaitanya Choudhary on the 20th May

    Thank you so much Friends.

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