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The World Photo Pack : 20 Photos for $20  

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Jul 29

Photo Pack
We scoured PhotoDune for 20 of the most amazing photos from around the world. The resulting photographs captured moments from Moscow to Bhutan, with one photo even featuring the field used to film the movie Gladiator! Each photo is high-resolution enough to work for print graphics, website backgrounds, or even canvas prints.

Only available until noon on the 5th of August AEST!

Explore the collection and read the authors’ stories who captured them.

Important Update On Account Security  

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May 14

Last month when the Heartbleed bug came to light, we immediately patched the exploit, and notified users via Notes, forums, and email newsletters, explaining Envato’s response and advising all Envato users to change their password.

Since then we’ve been tracking the number of password updates on our system and while it’s good to see some of the community being proactive about their security there’s still a large number of users who have not yet updated their details.

Along with the Heartbleed exploit, the last year also saw the highly public Adobe leak of user account details. These and similar security incidents have led to an increase in attempts to use leaked lists to find people with weak or repeated account details. In recent months, both prior and since Heartbleed, we’ve seen an uptick in these sorts of access attempts on the Envato userbase. While we deal with vulnerabilities and incidents quickly and aggressively, the most effective action is always a complex and unique password choice. That is why we feel it is now necessary to require all users to change their password if they have not already done so.

Required Password Reset

If you have not updated your password since the Heartbleed exploit patch at 06:42am on 8th April 2014 UTC and you are currently logged in to an Envato site, you will be logged out and required to reset your password before you can continue to use the site. If you are not currently logged in the change will be required when you next log in.

You will need to use a brand new password. Because we have much stronger password requirements than in previous years, this will simultaneously require all our users to increase their password strength.

I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience today’s measure will cause, but the security of all our member’s accounts has to be our first priority. Please review the FAQs below for more detailed information. Continue Reading

Envato Response to the Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability  

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Apr 9

On the 7th of April, information was released about a vulnerability, CVE-2014-0160, known as Heartbleed, that affected OpenSSL, a library used for encrypting internet traffic.
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Community Superstar – Kontramax  

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Apr 2


Congratulations to the Community Superstar for March, Kontramax! Not only has he been a part of the community for four years, he is also selling his creative wares on all eight Marketplaces. Now, that’s impressive!

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5 Reasons You Will Love Unbounce. Reason #3 Is My Favorite  

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Mar 4

why use unbounce

As a marketer, I cringe every time I hear, “If you build it, they will come.” I am not sure how the phrase came to be. The closest reference is from the 1989 film entitled Field of Dreams. While walking through the cornfield, Ray Kinsella hears a voice whispering, “If you build it, he will come.”

Marketing is essential to getting the word out about you product to potential customers, and in the online world you will usually use your marketing prowess to send those visitors to your website. Now, you (as the product owner) have only one job to focus on when they land on your website: How do you convert that visitor to a customer? Your best bet is to make sure the visitor lands on a landing page.

Be sure to check out Oli Gardner’s post on the effectiveness of landing pages to learn more on the topic. The Unbounce blog is also a great source of information if you want to learn more on conversion and landing pages.

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Envato Community: What Does Success Look Like To You?  

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Jan 28

Here at Envato, our first company value is “When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed”. It’s a bit of a mantra for how we try to work as a company. Late last year I reported back to the community on what we were doing to help them succeed. Today I’d like to ask the community for some input to help us build a company vision for the future. Continue reading on Inside.Envato.

10+ Powerpoint Templates with Animation to Captivate your Audience  

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Jan 17

PPT Templates

Have you navigated to the world’s end searching for quality Powerpoint templates you can use for an upcoming presentation, and come up empty-handed? We are about to change that today by highlighting some top-quality PPT templates.
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Image Performance Tips For Authors  

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Jan 8


In this article we’ll give you some tips to help you improve the performance of your item and profile pages. It’s a well known fact that page load time is a vital part of maximising sales online. Google says it best:

Fast and optimised pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.

The time it takes your Marketplace item, profile and live preview pages to load can have a direct and drastic impact on your sales. Here’s how to make the impact a positive one.
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Improving Search on the Envato Marketplaces: 2013 in Review  

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Dec 23


Earlier this year, Michelle Robinson joined the Envato Marketplaces as Product Manager for Search. She reflects on a few of the things her team have been up to in 2013, and improvements the community can look forward to.

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A Simple Way to Install Website Themes  

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Dec 21


Choosing the right item from ThemeForest is only the first step in building your website. After that you’ll need to install WordPress or some other CMS on your server, and install your theme on the CMS. If you want to tweak your theme or extend its functionality, you’ll need to get your hands dirty in some code. Help!

Here’s a simple way to install a website: give the job to someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ll find plenty of people like that on Microlancer, and their services are affordable. In this article, Anthony from CXWebExperts will let you know how they do a complete WordPress setups for their Microlancer clients. Easy!
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