Case Study: Create a good profile page that generates followers and sales

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Nov 25

A few weeks ago we talked about how it is important to promote your files effectively on your own website. It is also important to have an effective profile page that generates followers and sales. Again, Domojo’s profile is a great example.

ActiveDen site manager Lance Snider points out four things that he does right:

  1. He effectively uses his profile page to attract followers not only on ActiveDen, but on several social networks.
  2. Uses screenshots of upcoming work to generate excitement and get more ActiveDen followers.
  3. Promotes his current ActiveDen files.
  4. He uses an effective hierarchy when displaying his current files. The top selling is on top and the largest. There are four medium selling and the rest are just thumbs.

Do you have any hints about how to best set out your profile page? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Misel Delic on the 25th November

    Thanks for sharing this article.Last 2 months i just working on promotion of my and other marketplace items, every tip is worth 1000$ :)

  2. Mike on the 26th November

    Really Worth $$$$$$

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