AudioJungle – The Best Place for Backing Tracks for Your Kickstarter Video

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Apr 18

If you’re looking for a perfect banjo solo for the soundtrack of your Kickstarter video, then AudioJungle is the first place you should visit. The Kickstarter video above which promotes the project To Breathe Free by Andrew Galasetti uses the AJ track Amazing Grace Solo Banjo by Slats.

If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, in this case a novel. People interested in seeing a project come to fruition pledge money. When enough money has been pledged, the project creators can get to work, retaining 100% ownership and control.

To attract interest in your project, you’ll want the best video, with the best soundtrack. Like Slat’s.

Congratulations, Andy. It’s great to see how your music is being used.

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  1. Andrew Galasetti on the 18th April

    Thank you so much for sharing my video and Andy’s music! I’m so happy to have found AudioJungle and his work.


    • Adrian Try on the 18th April

      Your welcome, Andrew. I wish you every success with your novel. :)

  2. Andrew Galasetti on the 19th April

    Thank you Adrian!

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