Adidas and Toyota Choose AudioJungle

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Apr 14

Who has been looking at your portfolio? You never really know, do you?

Recently Adidas and Toyota visited AudioJungle—and I assume other stock audio sites—looking for the perfect track for their new advertising campaigns. Both chose AudioJungle.

In fact, both chose the same track from the same author: It’s a Beautiful Day by Tim McMorris. Congratulations Tim! Congratulations AudioJungle!

We’re proud of the amazing quality of the content across all of our marketplaces. It’s very satisfying to see high profile companies like these recognizing the usefulness of Envato’s marketplaces, and using your items in significant projects. It’s also something to keep in mind when you are choosing the title, description and overall presentation of your items. You never know who’s watching!

Tim is an exclusive AudioJungle author from Canada, and has been with us since February 2009. He recently passed the 1,000 sales mark.

Here are the two ads that feature Tim’s track.



Well, there are two impressive success stories. Don’t forget to congratulate Tim and the AudioJungle team in the comments!

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  1. D'zinc on the 14th April

    tim is all in.

  2. Emil Nikov on the 14th April

    Full of win! :)

  3. Anelia on the 14th April

    fits perfectly on them both :)

  4. Alexandr on the 14th April


  5. Xaver on the 14th April

    The music is much better than this car

  6. Jason on the 14th April

    That’s awesome. I almost used this track in a template but the theme changed from “vacation” to “fashion” so it didn’t happen. But during the process I listened to this song like 200 times lol! And I still love it! Congratulations Tim :)

  7. NikiN on the 14th April

    Congrats on your success Tim, keep up the good work (and don’t forget about us when touring with Coldplay) :)

  8. wattscreative on the 14th April

    Nice work and congratulations Tim!

  9. Tim McMorris on the 14th April

    Wow, thanks everyone, very nice to wake up to!! :)

    What I have really come to appreciate about AudioJungle is the great exposure the website gives artists because of the traffic it draws.

    Since uploading this particular track in August of 2010 I have been contacted and am now working with some VERY big names…names that I know I would have never been contacted by if it weren’t for exposure from AJ. So thanks AJ!! It’s been a dream and things are continuing to snowball :)

    I think the best is yet to come, though it’s already pretty good :)

    Thanks everyone for the kind words, I truly appreciate the encouragement!

    - Tim

  10. stefusilviu on the 14th April

    Congratulations Tim. You have a great portfolio and even with “envato” wattermark is a pleasure to listen your songs and audio pieces.

    Good job.

    P.S. – You have a good and clean voice btw.

  11. Chris on the 14th April

    That’s amazing! Great track and it fit so perfectly for each ad. Kudos to Tim and to the Envato network for making it possible.

  12. Crysfel on the 14th April

    Awesome!! congrats to Tim.

    I really like the song, I have this song as a ring tone and I love it :)

  13. goTo! on the 14th April

    Excellent! It’s nice to know how people use our work (Authors) :)

    Congrats for you Tim.

  14. Miguel on the 14th April

    That´s great Tim!!! Congratulations

  15. Jarel on the 15th April

    When I first heard this song I liked it so much I almost bought it just to listen to along with my regular music, haha. I bookmarked it for later and forgot about it until now. Such great work! :)

  16. sports shoes on the 15th April


  17. Rayz on the 15th April

    Love the beautiful song music!

  18. Carlos Viloria on the 15th April

    wow congrats man, I think we all like to know who uses our files :D

  19. redwall_hp on the 15th April

    Congratulations, to Tim and to Envato.

  20. hamditheone on the 15th April

    Congratulations, to Tim and to Envato.

  21. Dirtyflint on the 15th April

    It’s cool. Good work, Tim. Great author!

  22. OhmLab on the 15th April

    So very well deserved, Tim! Congrats and keep up the great work!! :)

  23. ZoomIt on the 16th April

    Wow! A true success story.


  24. Plastic3 on the 16th April

    Tim, it’s great! i always knew that your songs are very good…it’s just another proof for this…Congrats!

  25. urbazon on the 16th April

    Congratulations, Tim! Your tracks are awesome and this is a well deserved result of your hard work.

  26. cuca24 on the 17th April

    The guy on the image looking like Rasheed Wallace XD

  27. Jordan McNamara on the 19th April

    Fantastic work, Tim! Amazing stuff! :-D

  28. Jhann on the 25th April

    That’s awesome , it fits perfectly fit for
    both of them, congratulations tim your
    hardwork is being paid off.
    Check this Link to view the Adidas Products.
    <a href=""Jhann

  29. blogjunkie on the 6th May

    Congratulations Tim and AudioJungle. I’m curious, how did you learn about the ads that used the songs?

  30. nhstudio on the 6th May

    Congrats Tim,
    I’m really happy to see this, hope you more Success Man

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