Just Four More Sleeps till the Bundle…

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Nov 9

A little holiday cheer is coming next week… The Holiday Bundle will arrive in just four days!

This bundle is packed with more than $500 worth of seasonal design items from ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune, ActiveDen, and more for only $20.

It sounds amazing. If four days is too long to wait, you can check out what’s included at envatobundles.com.

How are you going to use this year’s Holiday Bundle?

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  1. Santosh Setty on the 9th November

    OOH! another bundle, are items selected?? wish mine included..

    Good Luck Envato :)

  2. Quickmedia on the 9th November

    Another one so soon? I’m not complaining though! :P

  3. GStudio on the 9th November

    Wow! this will be GOOD! :D

  4. Gordan Orlic (WebFactory) on the 9th November

    I know a a few items that are going to be in this bundle but I’m not telling :p

  5. Matthew Butler on the 9th November

    no videohive items grrr

  6. Balistique on the 9th November

    There will be some videohive items in the bundle Matthew. You missed ”and more” part ;)

  7. Pricop Alexandru on the 10th November

    Sounds good :D

  8. Deyan Georgiev on the 10th November

    I hope this time will be a part of this bundle!

    This is my christmas best seller in other sites, christmas tree origami:

  9. Ruben Bristian on the 10th November

    Another bundle Envato?! Are you serious?! What is happening to the marketplaces? I’m really disappointed..

  10. bitfade on the 10th November

    Thanks for destroying sales of all other authors for another 7 days

    Soon we’ll have “the weekly bundle”.

    • raghav on the 10th November

      again :’(

  11. Chris on the 10th November

    This is getting ridiculous

  12. Chris on the 10th November

    How much is enough btw?

  13. Chris on the 10th November

    Wait, are these only SEASONAL items as stated in this post? Like Christmas and stuff related items? If that’s the case, my above comments can be ignored :D

    • Pricop Alexandru on the 10th November

      I guess so, if they aren’t related to Christmas and stuff, then this is really bad for authors.

  14. Carmen on the 12th November

    Hi guys,

    The Holiday Bundle is only including seasonal items. It is coming quite soon after the last Bundle, however, we want to make sure our buyers have an opportunity to purchase a great collection of seasonal items before the holiday period.

    For those of you who are worried about general sales, the promotion for the Bundle drives traffic to the site and helps people find out what awesome items they can get here.

    We certainly aren’t going to be having a Bundle per week either, I would probably lose all my hair if that was the case. :)

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