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Sep 20

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Last year we celebrated Kriesi Day. This year we’ve celebrated Peerapong Day followed by Orman Clark Day. It’s great to celebrate million dollar milestones. The authors deserve recognition, and their accomplishments inspire us all. Hopefully they are the first three of many.

Today we’re going to celebrate a smaller milestone, but an important one. Many authors reach a point in their marketplace earnings that they no longer need additional work, and can devote all of their time to their marketplace items. They go full time.

That’s a wonderful thing in today’s economy. And it also allows an amazing level of flexibility, because it allows you to work from anywhere.

For the last three weeks we’ve been discussing this on the forums in a thread called Are you working fulltime on Envato marketplaces? Here are some insights and experiences from that thread.

  • VF has been full time on the marketplaces since September 2008. That’s the longest he’s been in any job! He doesn’t release as many items as he expected, and rejects quite a few of the items he feels would significantly increase his time spent on support if they were released. He lives comfortably, but plans to significantly increase his revenue through the marketplaces.
  • Digitalscience quit his job four years ago to work on the marketplaces. He is successful, but finds working on his own sometimes boring, and went a bit crazy two years ago. He found the ability to do a lot of traveling a huge bonus, and supplements his income with some freelance work. The experience of ActiveDen authors has made him cautious about assuming he can rely on his Envato earnings forever.
  • Sherman Jackson found the experience of quitting his full time graphic design job amazing. He now enjoys a new dimension of freedom of expression as he works full time on GraphicRiver.
  • Aaron McGuire says that it’s possible sometimes to continue making money without releasing new items, which takes you to being full time on the forums.
  • After working 20 years as an internal and furniture designer, TanyDi now works full time as a GraphicRiver author. She works hard, has learned a lot, and is still learning!
  • Dream-Theme state their formula for success: First make a couple of decent items that bring in some money, then quit your day job, continue to release a new item every second month to maintain your income, or every month to increase it, and hire someone to help you with support.
  • Guitarjock was unemployed for a year, and used the time to work on the marketplaces. However, he didn’t make enough money to live on, so took a job when the opportunity came up. He’ll continue creating tracks for AudioJungle “after hours”.
  • In some parts of the world, the money you can make on the marketplaces far exceeds what you can make in a normal job. Countries mentioned include Indonesia, India and even Italy. However, some authors never plan to go full time on the marketplaces because they make much more money in their day jobs that they believe they can make by quitting them.
  • Many authors work a full time number of hours creating items for the marketplaces. But they do this for the love of it – they don’t make enough money to support themselves from it, and need other work.
  • Many authors who work on the marketplace part time make a very useful amount of money.
  • Many authors who are not yet working full time on the marketplaces have a definite goal of doing so.

Thanks to all those authors (and more) who shared their personal experiences.

Do you work on the marketplaces full time? Or do you feel it’s more feasible to do it part time. Tell us about your goals and experiences in the comments, or on the forum.

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  1. Saroj Shrestha on the 20th September

    Now its Our Turn :)
    You Guys are Such an Idol :)

  2. Christine Wilde on the 20th September

    I would love to be working on my items for the marketplaces full time but can’t see it being doable at this moment in time. I work full time as a website designer and part time as a Envato author.

    Each month my earnings increase and releasing new items greatly helps that. I earned enough last month to cover my rent and bills but I can’t rely on that.

    My dream is to work for myself, when I want, where I want. Maybe in the near future.

  3. purethemes on the 20th September

    I’m Full Time author for one year and a half. It was one of the best decision in my life. I’m independent ( almost ;) ), I can travel (currently living from another European country, and from January moving for half a year to Malaysia! ) and I earn a lot more than any “normal” web-related job would gave me in my country. Thanks Envato!

  4. Mike Ember on the 20th September

    I’m working almost full time on one item to sell on envto ;)

  5. Amzee on the 20th September

    This is super awesome post. I am also planning to work full-time. Waiting for the right time though :)

  6. Sherman on the 22nd September

    Thanks for the mention Adrian :) :)

  7. Selim Rana on the 29th September

    I am also quit my job after submit my second template because market place income too high from my job and i am so happy with envato market place. thanks envato :)

  8. DigitalScience on the 29th October

    Seems like I’ve been quoted I went crazy two years ago? haha.. damn, the secret is out :)

    • Adrian Try on the 29th October

      Thanks for being so much fun to quote, Digi!

  9. Sam Speakman on the 13th December

    Damn, I want to quit uni and work full-time for Envato, that’s what I call living the dream! It definitely seems possible at some point :D

  10. tolga on the 16th March

    well, i’m working full time on envato, it’s hard on first times but going well for now.

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