Envato’s Split Licensing and the GPL  

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Dec 13

We’ve recently published a KnowledgeBase article about Envato’s split licensing and the General Public License or GPL. This article replaces all our earlier blog posts. The article covers what it means to create items that are affected by the GPL or other 3rd party licensed components and how the Envato licenses work with the GPL to protect the rights and freedoms of all the components of an item. Make sure to have a read of the article to ensure you understand how this form of split licensing works.

State of the Marketplaces  

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Aug 9

Several months ago I published the first snapshot of the state of marketplace development in order to provide the community some idea of what we have been working on. That post was helpful but it also highlighted the importance of an ongoing updates to our community – so I’m back! Continue Reading

WordPress Category Pricing Changes  

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Jun 4

It’s hard to believe there was a time when the Envato Marketplaces existed without a WordPress category, and yet that is the case when the site was launched over 3 years ago. The complexity and quality of themes available have continued to march forward at an ever faster pace over the years. Our community has lovingly created some absolute masterpieces, with capabilities that would put the Google AI self-driving car to shame!

Earlier this year we planned on a price increase and began work analysing the data we had available. However, after considerable analysis we noted that not only was a price increase needed, but also a general improvement to our classification of themes and price points. In essence we felt we required a new pricing structure starting from scratch. After much discussion we’ve developed a new pricing guideline that captures the varying theme complexity and functionality and will help our review team apply a more consistent set of pricing criteria to the category.
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Content Policy Review: ThemeForest Site Templates  

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Jun 1

contentpolWe’ve been posting regularly this year about our Content Policy and how to respect copyright in creating your Marketplace items. Some of our posts have been collected in this article so that you can find them more easily when you want a reminder about the tips we’ve been giving.

In March, we posted about our approach to authors who repeatedly don’t follow our Content Policy. We also did a high level review of the Graphic River print templates category. Thanks to our Graphic River authors who’ve worked to address issues we noticed in that review! Read on for some information about what’s happening next – a review of the ThemeForest site templates category. Continue Reading

Marketplace Development Last Year and Our Roadmap  

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Mar 20

State of the MarketplacesA little while ago, we promised a post about our development roadmap, as well as what has been worked on in the last year. There is a laundry list of excellent features and updates that have been waiting in our pipeline for what feels like forever. And understandably there’s a lot of questioning on the forums over why they haven’t materialized yet.

Search improvements, ratings improvements, a shopping cart, item support tools, affiliate campaigns and analytics, license improvements and the list goes on. It’s a list of things that would make buying better, selling better, and alleviate problems left, right and center.

The long and the short is that a lot of these types of improvements keep getting put on hold as we cope with growth and expansion. Continue Reading

Envato and Government Relations at Australia’s Parliament  

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Mar 8
Parliament House

Parliament House by Michael Dawes

Last week PayPal organised a series of meetings and a morning tea event in the Australian Capital (that’s Canberra, not Sydney or Melbourne) to talk with ministers, senators and advisors from both sides of the Australian Parliament about eCommerce in Australia.

PayPal selected three merchants to show case as examples of Australian eCommerce innovation:

  • Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey – design your own ladies’ shoes from over four trillion possible combinations of heels, toes, colour and materials, then have them hand crafted and delivered to your door;
  • Paul Greenberg, co-founder of Deals Direct, online retail for small families from middle Australia that ‘love a bargain’;
  • and since I’ve been reliable informed that the ‘e’ in eCommerce is an abbreviation for Envato, naturally I was there representing and making sure we are doing our bit. :-)

I knew I was in for problems when it became apparent that my standard shorts, polo shirt and sneakers wouldn’t meet the dress code. Come on! Polo shirts are great for every occasion! It’s a T-shirt with a collar – what could be more versatile?  And what else but shorts in an Australian summer?
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