Drupal Plugins Now Available on CodeCanyon  

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Jan 23

Drupal Plugins on CodeCanyonWe often get emails from both authors and buyers asking us to support a new category on one of our marketplaces. Occasionally, we’ll get a request for a category that we’re shocked to realize we don’t already offer. Drupal plugins is one of those categories.

Starting today we’re now accepting submissions for Drupal plugins on CodeCanyon. Drupal is a pretty massive CMS platform with a huge community of active users. We already sell Drupal themes on ThemeForest and providing plugins on CodeCayon is a pretty obvious next step. As it stands, the category is completely empty, but we don’t expect it to stay that way for long.

Check back soon as we expect CodeCanyon to quickly become a go-to place for Drupal plugins and addons.

New Requirement for 3DOcean Model Submissions  

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May 26

As 3DOcean continues to grow, there’s one issue that’s been brought to our attention a number of times. Since our library is still very young, it can be disheartening to buyers to find a model they’re interested in, only to find out the author hasn’t provided it in a format that they can use.

We’ve decided to make a new requirement for the 3D Model category which will require all submissions to contain a .obj version of the model first and foremost. Once a .obj version has been exported, everyone can then provide the model in any other format they wish. The .obj format is intended to be universal, and is supported by all of the major 3D applications. So including this format within your submission will ensure it’s usable by the largest number of potential buyers.

This new policy will go into effect beginning on June 15, 2011. We’ll be sure to announce it a few more times between now and then through the regular channels. While this is not a retroactive policy, we do recommend taking the time to update any current models already for sale that aren’t provided in the .obj format. Doing so will allow your file to be usable by everyone. Files submitted between now and June 15th will not be rejected if an .obj format is not included, but it would be smart to get a jump on the game and change your workflow now. After June 15th, all 3D Model submissions that don’t include an .obj version will be rejected.

Universal Expressions in After Effects Project Files  

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Feb 1

Expression errors caused by varying languages is not new to any After Effects veteran. And as an author, it’s always important to best support your buyers by ensuring that your project files will work for them without any trouble shooting. It’s important to note that VideoHive members hail from all parts of the globe. We have chosen English as the native language for the site, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easy for buyers to work with the projects they purchase within their native language.

Our good friend Lloyd Alvarez recently released a script for After Effects called ExpressionUniversalizer. It’s available for download on AEScripts.com, and falls under their “name your own price” model. The beautiful thing about this script is that within a few simple clicks, it takes all of the expressions in your project and changes them to universal language. Meaning you can write your expressions in English, and after running the script, your project can be opened in any language and the expressions will always work properly. This effectively eliminates a common issue we see in support. Often times buyers will write in confused about these errors, and the only option up until now was to suggest that they change the language setting within After Effects to English. For someone who’s not particularly comfortable with the English language, it becomes very difficult to work with After Effects.

For the time being, this is nothing more than a simple suggestion. But because the script can be obtained for any price, at some point this process will become a requirement for all projects that contain expressions.

Motion Graphic Quality Standards Have Been Raised, A LOT!  

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Jan 21

The time has come again to raise the bar in terms of quality within VideoHive’s largest section. Motion Graphics was the section that started it all. Once residing on FlashDen, the small section grew into a large section, which then became VideoHive. We feel the section has grown to contain the full range of possible file types, and now that we’ve reached this point it’s time to shift gears and focus on quality.

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Geek Out is a New ThemeForest Mini-Competition  

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Dec 15

It’s been a while since the last competition. This time—thanks to one of our prize sponsors—the theme is all things Geek. We’re accepting submissions in any of our categories, excluding PSDs, so entries will have to be working themes. Submissions will need to be a bit out of the box, with a geek spin in some form!
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Cinema4D Project Files Are Here!  

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Nov 24

Cinema4D Project Files Have Arrived!

That’s right people, we’ve just added the first new section to VideoHive since launch and it’s a big one!! No motion graphic arsenal is complete without 3D in some form. And while there’s a ton of available programs to pick from, Maxon’s Cinema4D seems to be the top choice for artists in this industry. That’s not to fault any other program, but in terms of functionality, ease of use, and price, Cinema4D is a rock solid application. Over the years it’s become easier and easier to use in conjunction with After Effects, and I think this tighter integration plays a large role in why it’s so loved.

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New ThemeForest Category – Landing Pages  

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Nov 18

I’m happy to announce that we’re launching a new category on ThemeForest dedicated to Landing Pages. Landing Pages are essentially the same types of files you find within the current Site Templates section, but with a bit more focus. Generally templates within these sections should be one page and one page only. Landing Pages are usually used to inform, market, or sell some good or service.

A good example of the type of file one may expect to find in this new section is our recent WordPress Bundle page.

Wordpress Bundle

The possibilities are really endless. Check out the new section as we have a bunch of great files coming soon to help get the ball rolling. Authors, have fun with this one!!