Hi, my name is Koen…
and I’m a design addict.  

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Nov 7

I always find myself typing in websites like Dribbble all day long. I just can’t stop refreshing the page to see if there are new posts. If I’m on my way out, I take my phone and as soon as I get wifi somewhere the first thing I type into my browser is either Dribbble or Envato.

How about you? Do you keep refreshing Envato, Frrst or Dribbble pages all day long just like me, or do you have some other way of showing your an design addict? Let me know in the comments.

Your Say: Where do you get your best ideas?  

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Sep 13

Image from PhotoDune

Sometimes I can sit at my desk for days and I just won’t get any ideas. It’s like it is just blocked, you know?

The other day I was sitting at my desk for hours thinking, and I just couldn’t come up with anything. Out of frustration and boredom I took an shower. And BAM! There it was again – good ideas spilling out of my head. Good idea’s always seem to occur to me in the bathroom for some reason.

Where do you get your best ideas? Let us know in the comments.

Your Say: How do you deliver support?  

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Aug 2

by dgmata on PhotoDune

We all have to deliver support to our buyers. But the questions here is: How do you deliver your support? I have seen different ways of how authors give support. Most of us just use the comment section for support. But for example Pixelentity from CodeCanyon uses a forum to answer the questions people have about their items.

Is there a good way and a bad way? I guess not. As long as author delivers good support and tries to answer the questions people have ASAP then in my opinion they do fine.

To give a example of what is in my opinion good support. I bought a item from jonnysnip3r on CodeCanyon the other day since I needed a login script I could quickly use. I didn’t need the JS in his script and asked him if he could help me delete everything I didn’t need since I didn’t had time for this myself at that time.

He told me this would take some time and I asked him if he could send me another one of his items instead since the one I bought was pretty useless since I needed the project done within 24 hours. He sent me another one of his products and told me that if I had any more questions I could always send him an email.

That’s what I call some good support! He responded to my question within 24 hours and sent me another item because I was not satisfied with the one I bought.

How do you deliver support to your customers? And what do you find the best way to deliver good support? Let us know in the comments.

Your Say: Do You Still Read Books?  

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Jul 26

Caught Reading by Jayel Aheram

Last night I was wondering if there are manny people of the new generation that still read books? I was talking with my friend about this matter…

ME: I was just wondering man, do manny people of our generation like.. still read?

FRIEND: Yea, I still read…

ME: Oh yea? like what?…

FRIEND: Like uhm…. signs and… stuff…

ME: Dude… that’s not reading xD

FRIEND: Oh yea dude? like you still read…

ME: Yeah, of course I read…

FRIEND: Yeah, like what?

ME: Like uhm… forum posts… and… stuff

Do you still read books often? Let me know in your comment.

Your Say: How do you sketch?  

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Jul 19

Pencil Collection by Martjin Nijenhuis

There are a lot of ways to make sketches. Some of us use a tablet others start right away with the final product and a lot of us just use paper.

Using Paper

I think the most of us use paper. It gives you total freedom. This is the more popular way, but is still interesting because of the tools you use such as your pencil and sketchbook which can very much determine how you design turns out. I prefer to use the Behance Action Book and a L-Tech Pencil myself for my web design. What do you use for yours? Please let me know.

Using a Tablet

Using a tablet is almost the same as using paper, but has a few advantages, like the option to use the whole RGB spectrum and not having to spend money on pencils every time. There is only one disadvantage – in my opinion you don’t have total freedom when working on a tablet. I strongly feel like I do while working on one, but I still have the feeling that there is this invisible wall that holds me from expressing myself. How do you feel about this?

Starting Right Away

In my opinion this is one of the hardest ways to sketch, but also one of the most creative ways. When doing this you have total freedom to express yourself working to the final product instead of having to stick to a design you made earlier. That is also what makes this one of the hardest ways because you need to make sure you don’t get the design out of balance.

How do you sketch? Please let me know in the comments. :D