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New to Envato, even newer to the role of Product Owner! I’m a design nerd, a Ruby nerd and a product nerd. I find ways to make things work better. I like understanding how you understand things.

100% GPL Option – Now Available for More Categories!  

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Jul 11

It’s been a big few months for the Marketplace team. In March we announced that a new license option would be available to WordPress themes and plugins. Since then, authors have been able to choose to license their WordPress themes and plugins as 100% GPL, instead of with Envato’s default split license.

Today, we’re extending that option to cover all theme and plugin categories that are associated with GPL-based platforms. This means that if you’re an author creating items with a framework that is licensed under the GPL, you can now choose to sell those items as 100% GPL on the Marketplaces.

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Meet Justin French  

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Nov 26

Hey everyone, I’m Justin French. I’ve been with Envato’s Marketplace team for about seven months. My background is in design. I started in print and branding then moved into user interfaces and the web and now I focus on user experiences and products. Along the way I learned enough Ruby and Javascript to be dangerous and I’ve lead some pretty amazing teams and tackled some epic projects. Continue Reading