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Protecting Your Copyright!  

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Mar 24

Protecting Your Copyright 004

We all know that piracy can feel like a major problem for those who create digital content. Content owners, like our Marketplaces authors, have different philosophical approaches to the piracy issue. Some seek to fight all piracy they come across, some want to find ways to motivate users of content to pay for it, and some choose to focus on what they do sell and not change the ways of users who want all their content for free. Ultimately, this is your personal choice (and there’s more below on the path Envato takes on the piracy issue). Continue Reading

Envato Community: What Does Success Look Like To You?  

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Jan 28

Here at Envato, our first company value is “When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed”. It’s a bit of a mantra for how we try to work as a company. Late last year I reported back to the community on what we were doing to help them succeed. Today I’d like to ask the community for some input to help us build a company vision for the future. Continue reading on Inside.Envato.

Web Development Services Coming to Microlancer!  

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Jul 31


Almost four months ago we launched our freelance services marketplace Microlancer. It’s been growing really quickly, doubling sales in the last eleven weeks, and topping more than $130,000 of jobs sold to date! We started in graphics with categories like logo design and one-page web design. Now we’re going to be branching out into our first ten web development service categories. And we’re inviting talented devs to register your interest in providing code services on Microlancer.

Services will include PSD to HTML, WordPress or email template build-outs, and various WordPress and frontend services. Web developers with solid skills in HTML, CSS or WordPress plugin and theme development will form the backbone of these categories.  Continue Reading

Record Breaking Earnings – Over $100,000 a Month with ONE theme!  

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May 6

Each year here at Envato brings with it new records, but this one is particularly amazing. I was very excited to discover recently, that the author ThemeFusion, a partnership between Luke Beck and Muhammad Haris, has completely smashed our monthly author earnings records. For not one, but two months now, they’ve hit over $100,000 in earnings. But what is most amazing, they’ve done it with just one WordPress Theme: Avada.

The theme is, of course, something special. As one customer puts it: “This is the Best Theme I have ever seen. I am a full time web dev, and this theme blows me away.” The sales have followed, with Avada sitting atop the ThemeForest’s Popular Files pages week after week, often selling almost double as many copies as the nearest competitor.


I reached out to Luke and Muhammad to say congratulations on their smashing success and to ask them a few questions about how they did it! Continue Reading

100% GPL Option Now Available, plus WooThemes Arrives!  

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Mar 26

We’re happy to announce today that authors on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon can now choose to license their WordPress items through a 100% GPL option. To help us launch this new feature, we’re excited to have one of the most well known and respected theme outfits joining ThemeForest’s ever growing library — WooThemes!
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Survey Results about GPL Opt-in Choice  

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Feb 28

Last month there was some online discussion around full GPL licensing and the Envato Marketplaces. It started when one of our TF authors was barred from supporting, speaking at and volunteering at WordCamps because he was selling on ThemeForest. While ThemeForest themes sell with a GPL compliant license, WordCamp guidelines require the item to be completely licensed under the GPL in order for the seller to be allowed to participate in the ways listed above.

I posted a response to the ban, and a post about how we are moving forward. As I stated in the second post, most important to me is to get the community’s input on the debate. Since we’ve been working on our licensing generally, this month we put out a survey to ThemeForest and CodeCanyon authors asking a bunch of licensing questions, including a few GPL related ones.

As I promised in that second post, today we’re publishing a subset of the survey results relating to the GPL options. They’re taken from a larger presentation from our data team, with a couple of extra slides I’ve thrown in to explain the contents.

Next Steps

After getting this community feedback, we are now putting into the works an optional 100% GPL license which authors in GPL-based categories (such as WordPress or Drupal) can make use of. It will be completely up to authors whether they use this option. The new option should be available towards the end of March, and we’ll be posting on Notes about how authors can make use of it.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I’m looking forward to doing more of this kind of temperature check with the community! Go Data!

Introducing Helen Souness, Our New Marketplace General Manager!  

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Feb 20

One of the toughest things about running Envato is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s just one of the many reasons I’m excited about the possibility of a colony on Mars – days there are a whole 37 minutes longer than here on earth!

Back here in the real world, we’ve been growing and growing at Envato. Our Envato Marketplace team has swelled to more than 70 people, and today I wanted to introduce you to a fantastic new team member: Helen Souness, who has joined us as the new Marketplace General Manager. She’s taking over from Vahid who has done a valiant job this last year and spearheaded some very important infrastructure, team and growth projects. While Vahid is moving on to work on Envato operations, Helen will now be heading up the Marketplaces.
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Marketplace License Updates – Part 2  

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Jan 24

I posted recently on the updates to our Marketplace licenses. Thanks for all the feedback so far! I thought it would be good to give you an overview of what the community is saying and our thoughts. As I’ve said, this is a staged project so we are listening to your feedback very carefully.
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Marketplace License Updates  

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Jan 22

Image from PhotoDune

In 2013 we have some big plans to upgrade the user experience of our Marketplaces. Some of the changes will be small, some large. Some are UI related, and others are just about the experience. I’m excited today to announce one of the first changes for the year—an overhaul of our licenses. Continue Reading


Tuts+ Premium Refunds / Free Access & Security Updates  

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Aug 1

Today, Tuts+ Premium has refunded all active members for the months of July and August, as promised as part of our response to the security breach on the 26th of June. This means that all paying members affected by the breach will have a total of three months free access in the form of refunds, including the one-month refund issued on the 30th of June.

Also today, for any members who had a paying subscription on the 26th of June but have since cancelled, we have added two free months of access to their account.

You do not need to take any action to receive your refund or free access.

If you believe you were entitled to a refund under this arrangement but for some reason haven’t received payment, please lodge a support ticket and include your Tuts+ Premium username and transaction ID (view your subscription in PayPal/Moneybookers to see this). Because of the volume of support it may take a few days to organize your refund, so please be patient. If you are a cancelled member and believe you are missing free access, please follow the same process but leave out the transaction ID. Continue Reading