Flash Website Review #1  

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Mar 30

Hello community members and blog readers. A new series has made its way to the envato blog. I am one of its authors, Aw_Shucks and I’m an active member of the Envato community, based primarily at ActiveDen. My counterpart, BigZ who is also an ActiveDen author, will be working with me in order to produce this new series. What will this new series be about, you may ask? Well, in short our series will be about interactive sites around the web that BigZ and I will be reviewing. The point of the series is to bring to your attention current trends and innovative concepts of interactive websites and that we hope to inspire you to make a move towards making better files.

The first entry of our series is a sort of “test type”, which is usually the next stage of development after that of the prototype. (The first stage was planning. Then the “prototype” came by creating a working presentation ). But I’m sure that we’ll be changing a few things so as to improve the quality and message of our posts. So be ready to see something a little different and better as we post more throughout the series. With this in mind we introduce our first entry in the envato blog. We hope you like it.

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