How to Earn More as an Envato Marketplaces Affiliate  

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Oct 25


Becoming an Envato author isn’t the only way to earn a big income online. Some of the top Envato Marketplaces affiliates earn as much as some of the top authors. How do they do it? Read on for some tips from our marketing team on how to drive targeted traffic to the Marketplaces.

Or jump ahead and become an affiliate.
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11 External Resources for Setting up and Optimizing Your Google Analytics Reporting  

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Aug 22

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8 Ways Elite Authors Can Use Google Analytics To Grow their Sales  

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Aug 22

Here are some advanced tactics you can use to drive more sales with Google Analytics.  If you haven’t added your Google Analytics profile ID to your account yet, here are some screenshots as well as the introductory documentation.


1)  Define Bloggers Who Would Be Interested in Promoting Your Items.

Benefit:  Get more external promotion for your items


  • Go to Traffic Sources -> Referrals
  • select ‘Ecommerce’ right next to ‘Site Usage’.
  • This will show you revenue by referral source.

Look for any blogs that are sending you traffic either directly or indirectly via other items on the marketplaces.

If blogs are sending you traffic that generates a particularly high amount of revenue per visit, it could be a good reason to reach out to them.

Additional usage:  You can then click on Secondary dimension -> Landing Page, which will show you the affiliate ID of the affiliate who is sending you traffic.

You can then find them by going to


2)  Define which Sub Category is the most likely to drive the most traffic and sales of your item

Benefit:  Helps you choose which sub category to use when uploading a new item.


You need to be selling more than one item to get comparison stats.

  • Go to Content -> Site Content -> Landing Pages.
  • Click on ‘advanced’
  • Run a query that shows traffic that landed on a Landing Page that includes your item URL AND includes the string ‘’ .
  • Click ‘Apply’ this will show the volume and value of traffic that came to your item from a category page.
  • Compare these numbers to other items listed in different sub categories.


3)  Define revenue per visit of direct traffic to an individual item page

Benefit:  If you change the description or preview of your item, you can see how this affects the sales of your item, for better or worse


Go to Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Direct.

Then click on ‘Ecommerce’ at the top of the page.

Look at the ‘Per Visit Value’ of an individual item page.

Compare this number between two time periods – the time before you made an update to your item preview, and after.


4)  Define revenue per visit of visitors who speak a specific language who visit a specific item

Benefit:  You can define if having translation tools available for your item increase sales, or you can define if using simple description text, or flags in the preview image, or in the item description, helps generate more sales.


  • Create an advanced segment by going to ‘Advanced Segments’ then ‘+ New Custom Segment’.
  • Have this segment INCLUDE ‘landing page’ CONTAINING ‘your item URL’  Click ‘Save Segment’.
  • Go to Audience -> Demographics -> Language.
  • Once you’re in this report, click on ‘Ecommerce’ and you will see per visit value of traffic of different languages for your specific item.

The language associated with the browser someone is using, defines languages.


5)  Define the value per visit of traffic coming to your items from Facebook

Benefit:  Helps you define if you should be spending time building your profile on Facebook


  • Go to ‘Traffic Sources’ -> ‘Referrals’ -> ‘Facebook’.
  • Click on ‘Ecommerce’  This will show you revenue and per visit value of Facebook traffic.


6)  Define if visits from Facebook are assisting in sales of your items

Benefit:  Helps you define if building your profile on Facebook generates sales indirectly.


  • Go to ‘Conversions’ -> ‘Multi-Channel Funnels’ -> ‘Top Conversion Paths’.
  • Then search for ‘Social’
  • You can then count the number of sales that occur when someone visited via Facebook at any point.


7)  Define which organic search terms people use on Google before buying your items

Benefits:  Helps you define which keywords to include in your item titles and item descriptions so that your items have an increased chance of showing up on the first page of Google.


  • Go to ‘Search’ -> ‘Organic’
  • Click on ‘Ecommerce’.
  • View keywords.


8)  Define if your own paid promotions generate a positive return on investment

Benefits:  If you earn $2 for every $1 spent, you can grow your sales massively


Part 1

  • Define the best converting paid campaign opportunities by going to ‘Traffic Sources’ -> ‘Sources’ -> ‘Search’ -> ‘Paid’
  • Then as a secondary dimension choose ‘Visitors -> Country/Territory’
  • Then select ‘Ecommerce’
  • This will show you the value of paid traffic by country.  You can also see the value of paid traffic across all countries.

Part 2

  • Create campaigns for your paid promotions using this tool.
  • Then, define revenue per campaign by going to ‘Traffic Sources’ -> ‘Sources’ -> ‘Campaigns’

NEW FEATURE: Google Analytics for Elite Authors  

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Aug 20

If you are an author who has generated more than $75,000 in sales on the Envato Marketplaces, you can now associate a unique Google Analytics profile ID with your Envato author account.  You can add this profile ID in your Account Settings page, which you can find by hovering over your username in the top right of the marketplaces navigation, and then going to Settings.
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Help Choose 10 Items for the Next Envato Bundle!  

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Mar 1

Photo via PhotoDune

Update: This competition is now over. The winners are mentioned in the comments. Head over to to sign up for bundle alerts.

Our next bundle will be the Corporate Bundle. We’ve heard many requests for corporate-themed items and we’re happy to oblige!
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Help Us Decide What to Put in Our Upcoming Mobile Bundle!  

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Jan 8

Image from PhotoDune

Update: This competition is now over. The winners are mentioned in the comments. Head over to to sign up for bundle alerts.

We’re launching the Mobile Bundle soon, and we want your help choosing some great items to include! If you’ve ever wished you could have a say in what goes into the bundle, now’s your chance. We’ve got a short-list of ten top-notch items and we want to know which you’d choose!
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Why Do We Create Bundles?  

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Dec 20

Envato ran the very first Birthday Bundle in 2009. Since then, the Birthday Bundle has become a yearly fixture and we now run a variety of different Bundle promotions every few months. We create Bundles for a variety of reasons and we want to tell you all about it. Continue Reading

Meet Alex Holmes!  

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Dec 10

Hello Notes Readers!

I’m Alex, and I’m an American living in Melbourne. This is the sixth city and third country I’ve lived in over the last ten years, I’m super excited to have found a home here, helping everyone worldwide build great things! Continue Reading

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