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December, 2011

It’s Christmas Around the Tuts+ Network  

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Dec 15

Christmas Lights by Skeytag2007

The holiday season is almost on us, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve barely started your Christmas shopping. Tuts+ to the rescue.

Many of the Tuts+ sites have published great Christmas roundups, including gift ideas and more. Check out the suggestions at your favorite site.

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New Tuts+ Premium Video Course: Identity Design  

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Dec 15

We’re pleased to announce our 7th in-depth course available to Tuts+ Premium members: Identity Design with Ben Gribbin. Over 18 lessons and nearly 3hrs of video training, you’ll learn all the foundational skills needed to start doing identity design work for clients. This includes: research, brainstorming, sketching, designing a logo, business cards, print flyers, web elements (such as banner ads), as well as timescaling, pricing and where to find clients.

Not a member? Not to worry! There are four public lessons available. Links after the jump. Continue Reading

Your Say: What make and model of computer are you on right now?  

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Dec 15

Antique Computers by Ben Cooper

We want to hear from you. Each week we give you a chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Have your say!

Whether it’s what you usually use or not, what the make and model of the computer you’re on right now?

It’s Your Turn to Vote in the Disqus Pro Giveaway!  

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Dec 14

Last week we announced a great Disqus Pro competition being run on Web.AppsSorm. Well, the entries have come in, and now it’s time to vote. We need your help!

So head over to Web.AppStorm and check out the list of entries. Which website in the list do you feel needs Disqus Pro the most? Cast your vote on the form there.

Thanks, and best of luck to everyone who entered!

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This Week’s Featured Authors  

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Dec 13

Congratulations to this week’s featured marketplace authors.

junus ActiveDen Featured Author: junus

This week’s featured author is junus, who has 12 items, including the newest from the Puzzles & Educational category.
View junus’ Portfolio

ExElvele AudioJungle Featured Author: ExElvele

This week’s featured author is ExElvele, who has 40 items, including the newest from the Motivational category.
View ExElvele’s Portfolio

duotive ThemeForest Featured Author: duotive

This week’s featured author is duotive, who has 4 items, including the newest from the Portfolio category.
View duotive’s Portfolio

ImperialFlyers GraphicRiver Featured Author: ImperialFlyers

This week’s featured author is ImperialFlyers, who has 11 items, including the newest from the Flyers category.
View ImperialFlyers’ Portfolio

no-thumbnail 3DOcean Featured Author: tsura

This week’s featured author is tsura, who has 2 items, including the newest from the Characters category.
View tsura’s Portfolio

Semenov CodeCanyon Featured Author: Semenov

This week’s featured author is Semenov, who has 3 items, including the newest from the Sliders category.
View Semenov’s Portfolio

no-thumbnail PhotoDune Featured Author: leungchopan

This week’s featured author is leungchopan, who has 2749 items.
View leungchopan’s Portfolio


Author Interview: Gljivec  

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Dec 13

Developing Oracle applications, discovering Flash and ActiveDen, planning around Flash’s uncertain future, and cycling three or four times a week. This week we meet Ales Krivec (gljivec) from ActiveDen, CodeCanyon and PhotoDune.

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Kriesi: The First Author to Sell $1,000,000 Worth of Items  

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Dec 13

Kriesi is the first Envato author to reach Power Elite level! Kriesi has been a member of the Envato community for 3 years, in that time he has amassed a following of 4,088 community members and almost 32,000 sales! He is the most successful author on the Marketplaces to date and the first to reach Power Elite status. A huge congratulations to Kriesi for crossing this milestone and for leading the way for future authors. Kriesi’s amazing achievements show that it is possible to not only make money off the Envato Marketplaces but to do what you love, get paid well and enjoy it as a full time job. Read after the break for an in-depth interview with Kriesi!

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Featured Workspace: Matthew Guay #2  

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Dec 13

We featured Matt’s outdoors workspace in an earlier post. This is where he edits Web.AppStorm when he wants to get out of the sun or rain. Click on the image for a larger version in Flickr.

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New Image Templates for Authors: Neme Theme by Anchor HQ  

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Dec 12

In creating a successfully portfolio, it really helps to brand your items consistently. But unless you have brilliant Photoshop skills, that can be harder than it sounds.

Anchor HQ (Tumblr page) has come to your rescue. He has supplied two gorgeous Photoshop files – an image preview and a thumbnail – to help you coders who are not totally confident with your design skills.

Grab them here for free:

Just download them, open them in Photoshop, and customize them to your heart’s desire. Thanks Anchor HQ!

And if you love resources like this, make sure you check out these two previous template giveaways:

Envato Does Movember!  

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Dec 12

At Envato HQ the month of November was a big deal. Whilst the community let their hairy upper lips grow for Movember, the staff were going Mo wild. Those who were Mo growing reached celebrity status in the office, we even had resident photographer extraordinaire Jess Hooper take a photo of them each day! What she came up with was beyond compare and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Featuring the typography skills of Jacob Zinman-Jeanes and Barn music by Slats, we proudly present Envato Does Movember for your viewing pleasure. You can also check out the before and after shots at our Flickr account.