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December, 2011

This Week’s Featured Authors  

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Dec 21

Congratulations to this week’s featured authors.

dyskoActiveDen Featured Author: dysko

This week’s featured author is dysko, who has 7 items, including the newest from the Image Explorers category.
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SinarAudioJungle Featured Author: Sinar

This week’s featured author is Sinar, who has 66 items, including the newest from the Individual category.
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KopyovThemeForest Featured Author: Kopyov

This week’s featured author is Kopyov, who has 4 items, including the newest from the Admin Templates category.
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sweetmadnessVideoHive Featured Author: sweetmadness

This week’s featured author is sweetmadness, who has 3 items, including the newest from the Corporate category.
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nexionGraphicRiver Featured Author: nexion

This week’s featured author is nexion, who has 12 items, including the newest from the Styles category.
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icevalley3DOcean Featured Author: icevalley

This week’s featured author is icevalley, who has 38 items, including the newest from the Deco Objects category.
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JonasDoebertinCodeCanyon Featured Author: JonasDoebertin

This week’s featured author is JonasDoebertin, who has 6 items, including the newest from the Social Networking category.
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cookelmaPhotoDune Featured Author: cookelma

This week’s featured author is cookelma, who has 2766 items.
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Holiday Wishes from Envato HQ  

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Dec 21

It’s been a huge year at Envato HQ and whilst we slowly wind down for a few days, the festive season is well underway! We hope that everyone in the Envato community has a safe, happy and healthy holiday season as they celebrate with friends and family. From everyone at Envato we want to wish you a Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for another big year in 2012! From Envato HQ to the community, we’ve created a little video to share the holiday cheer. Enjoy! :)

Music is Kids Holiday Theme by AudioJungle Author CraigHall

Get $6 Off Our New Rockable Book:
“How to Record Great Music”  

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Dec 20

Rockable Press have just released a new book: How to Record Great Music by Audiotuts+ regular and audio engineer Björgvin Benediktsson. And you can get $6 off the eBook version for the next four days – just in time for Christmas. That’s not long, so hurry!
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Author Interview: Studio_21  

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Dec 20

Moving across the world, studying architecture, discovering Envato, and knowing that a file is going to be good when he gets goosebumps. This week we meet Theo Ghita (studio_21) from AudioJungle, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, and PhotoDune.

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The WPCandy Quarterly: WordPress in print. Have you subscribed yet?  

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Dec 19

With all the talk going on about ebook readers and emagazines etc, one could be forgiven for thinking that the catch cry “Print is dead” was slowly coming true. In the web community at least though, there seems to be a bit of a resurgence going on. Magazines are still alive, it seems they just serve different niches. The success of Elliot Jay Stocks’ print magazine ‘8 Faces‘ mainly targetted at typophiles, for example.

So why not a print magazine for WordPress fans? I’m very excited about The WPCandy Quarterly Magazine that Ryan Imel has in the works. The magazine has been accepting pre-orders for a while now, so I was quick to subscribe. The first issue is due to start arriving in letterboxes next month, and it will feature articles from some of our very own marketplace authors!

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3DOcean Author Featured in 3DArtist Magazine  

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Dec 19

3alisha featured in 3DArtist magazine

Congratulations to Ali Hammoud, otherwise known as 3alisha on 3DOcean, whose work was featured in the latest issue of 3DArtist magazine! Six of Ali’s 3DOcean files were given away on the cover disc of the latest 3DArtist magazine, issue 36, which is available in stores now.

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How Did You Discover Envato?  

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Dec 19

Night Sky in CTIO by Guille Damke

How did you discover Envato? Personally, I was introduced by my son. A recent thread on the forums by GraphicRiver author graphicmind has everyone sharing their own stories:

How did you come to know about Envato’s sites or Envato?

It’s an interesting thread – if you want to hear everyone’s story, give it a read – and add your own story. In the meantime, here are some interesting ways some people discovered Envato.
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Featured Site: Envato Extras  

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Dec 18

We’ve mentioned Envato Extras twice before (here and here). We want to encourage you to make the most of it, so we’ve put a prominent link to the site in our top nav bar. Have you had a chance to check it out yet?

What is Envato Extras? Simply this:

Apps, Tools and Resources to help you get more out of Envato

The site currently offers 41 resources. Feel free to add more! Following are a few examples.

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Freebie Friday: Freebies from Tuts+  

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Dec 16

Here are some freebies from around the Tuts+ network!


Catalog Template – InDesign FreebieCatalog Template – InDesign Freebie

Today we have a catalog template, made available as a freebie for anyone to download. The design is by available in InDesign CS5 format. Have fun customizing the template for a project that calls out for a fun and unique design.
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VideoHive/AudioJungle Video Loop Contest  

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Dec 15

AudioJungle needs the help of some VideoHive superheroes and we’ve got some great prizes to give away if you can help in our Video Loop Contest!

Background Information

Posting music videos on YouTube is a great way for AudioJungle authors to promote their music. You probably know this already as VideoHive authors – it’s also a great way to promote your VideoHive files.

The problem for AudioJungle authors however is that while their expertise is in audio production they might not have the knowledge, know how or the software to produce videos to accompany their music. So that’s where you come in in this exciting little mini contest!

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