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November, 2011

Welcome BuddyPress to ThemeForest  

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Nov 24

BuddyPress logo

We’re happy to announce the addition of a whole new category to ThemeForest – BuddyPress!

BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package that can be installed on WordPress. It basically transforms WordPress into a full on social networking system. It’s an amazingly handy community tool.
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Pets of Envato Part 4: Fish, Birds, Menageries and More  

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Nov 24

It’s here. The final episode of “Pets of Envato”. While most of the Envato team have cats or dogs (mainly dogs), some of the team are a bit different. Some have pets that fly or swim. Some have collections of pets that make you shake your head and wonder how the household survives. And some have pets that are a little bit different. Envato different.

So let’s get started. As usual the pets are described in the words of their owners.
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Envato Sponsors Inaugural Course from The Intro  

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Nov 24

The Intro

As you know, here at Envato we’re right into helping people learn new things, and we’re also pretty into the local tech community here in Melbourne. With that in mind, we’re extremely pleased to announce we’re getting behind the launch of the Melbourne based training/course collective The Intro by paying for everyone to attend Ben Schwarz‘s inaugural course Practical HTML5 for free.

We think it’s pretty amazing to see something set up to help share specialist knowledge in the Australian tech community and are really glad to help out. We highly recommend that if a course from The Intro comes your way that you check it out.

See the announcement over at The Intro for information on how to attend.

Why Collaborate? Patrik Larsson and Paul Trifa spill the beans!  

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Nov 24

Patrik Larsson (patrikl) and Paul Trifa (enabled) have been successful Envato marketplace authors for years now. They have recently started collaborating under the joint account SimplyPixels.

Though the collaboration is still very new, the idea is very interesting. We caught up with them recently to chat about what inspired them to work together, what projects they have in mind, and what they see the benefits of collaboration as being.

This candid interview is full of insight, experience, and great ideas. And lots of personality. It’s definitely worth a read!
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Your Say: Which graphics/photo editor do you use?  

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Nov 24

Adobe Photoshop CS5 by Yogi Kusuma

We want to hear from you. Each week we give you a chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Have your say!

Which graphics/photo editing software do you use? The industry standard, Adobe Photoshop? Something less expensive from the Mac Appstore (or elsewhere) like Pixelmator or Photoshop Elements? Or a free program like the GIMP or Are you happy with your choice and why?

Free AudioJungle Guitar Picks!  

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Nov 23

Everyone Loves Free Stuff, Right?

We’ve got 50 AudioJungle guitar picks/plectrums to give away for FREE to our marketplace members! All you have to do to is leave a comment on this thread of the AudioJungle forum, then we’ll contact you to get your address. We’ll then mail it out to you wherever you are in the world. Simple!

Show & Tell!

Once you receive it in the mail, take a picture of the pick either holding it where we can also see your happy face or put it somewhere creative or unusual and take a photo of it. Please keep it clean boys and girls! Then, come back to the same thread to post your photos.

Let’s Do This!

Picks will be sent out on a first come, first served basis based on the order of who responds to the thread and who gets back to me quickest with their address. Please DO NOT post your e-mail address or mailing address in this thread. Just post a comment saying you want one and then we’ll contact you via the e-mail address connected to your marketplace account. Thanks!

So without further to do, who wants one? :)

Sorry, guitar not included. ;)


7 Steps to a Successful Portfolio
on the Envato Marketplaces  

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Nov 23

Steps by Jan Tik

Envato is considered one of the world’s leading creative communities. They are the most reliable marketplace for all kinds of superior creative elements, including graphic items, web elements and design, stock images, 3D files, audio files, and scripts. This great community is rising very fast – I’m sure you can attest to that.

What interests me most is that the Envato Inspection Team is very serious and careful when it comes to file approval. They only consider high quality and highly needed files. They don’t want to clutter the Envato marketplace – they want to make sure that any item purchased from Envato will serve the buyer well.

If you are an author who submitted a carefully created file and all of a sudden it was rejected, you shouldn’t feel bad. There may not be anything wrong with your file, but Envato Support’s intention for the denial is to help you improve your skill and creativity. A good number of professional authors have experienced such a turn-out, including me.

What that makes you a serious-minded designer is if you are able to reach your peak despite how many times you have failed. Those who have achieved a successful portfolio understand Envato’s principles. Do you? To achieve a successful portfolio there are certain techniques you must apply.

Bear in mind that you may have a portfolio with hundreds of files, but they may not be successful. Someone with only 20 files can make more money than someone who has over 100 items. The reviewer will approve your item once it is up to standard and the complexity is high, but there may be few people in the world that are desperately in need of such an item, resulting in few sales.

But if your item is what I will like to call ‘A Popular Demand File’, you will make more sales than you could ever imagine. How is that possible? I will show you.
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This Week’s Featured Authors  

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Nov 22

Congratulations to this week’s featured marketplace authors!

FlashCube ActiveDen Featured Author: FlashCube

This week’s featured author is FlashCube, who has 6 items, including the newest from the Other category.
View FlashCube’s Portfolio

Sneshok AudioJungle Featured Author: Sneshok

This week’s featured author is Sneshok, who has 80 items, including the newest from the Latin category.
View Sneshok’s Portfolio

cssmania ThemeForest Featured Author: cssmania

This week’s featured author is cssmania, who has 4 items, including the newest from the Restaurants & Cafes category.
View cssmania’s Portfolio

videologio VideoHive Featured Author: videologio

This week’s featured author is videologio, who has 54 items, including the newest from the Holidays category.
View videologio’s Portfolio

CreativB GraphicRiver Featured Author: CreativB

This week’s featured author is CreativB, who has 8 items, including the newest from the Flyers category.
View CreativB’s Portfolio

Arey_l 3DOcean Featured Author: Arey_l

This week’s featured author is Arey_l, who has 50 items, including the newest from the Miscellaneous category.
View Arey_l’s Portfolio

CodeFusion CodeCanyon Featured Author: CodeFusion

This week’s featured author is CodeFusion, who has 7 items, including the newest from the Miscellaneous category.
View CodeFusion’s Portfolio

Sandralise PhotoDune Featured Author: Sandralise

This week’s featured author is Sandralise, who has 1273 items.
View Sandralise’s Portfolio


Author Interview: FutureSight  

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Nov 22

Dabbling in electronics and operating systems, building a dream workspace the slow way, jogging to keep in shape, and studying to become a successful ThemeForest author. This week we meet Rafal Jankos (FutureSight), a GraphicRiver author with a strong focus on ThemeForest.
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Where do you find Design Inspiration?  

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Nov 22

When you feel stuck and your design sucks what do you do? We want to know what inspires you to create designs you are proud of. Do you go for a walk, read a book or ask for some advice? Victor Hugo once said

inspiration and genius are one and the same.

Take this poll and tell us what inspires you!