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March, 2011

This Week at Envato – A Week of Milestones  

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Mar 26

It’s been a week of milestones. First GraphicRiver passed the 20,000 item mark, followed closely by Creattica surpassing 10,000 items. To Jeffrey’s delight, Nettuts+ has attracted over 80,000 subscribers—we seemed to hover around the high 70K for months! Then this weekend the marketplaces combined rapidly overtook the massive 100,000 item mark. Details after the jump!

Here are the highlights from Envato Notes this week:

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Do the Marketplace Managers Eat Their Own Dog Food?  

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Mar 26

Ben Food by Wolfie Rankin

Do the marketplace managers eat their own dog food? Do they use the marketplaces themselves? Do they stand behind their work? Do they put their money where their mouth—ah, keyboard—is? The answer is a very clear “Yes!”

Each member of the team has been a marketplace member for at least three years, and are successful authors you can learn a lot from. Here is a selection from their favorite and best-selling items. Take note of their titles, artwork and descriptions, and learn from them.
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Freebie Friday: Free Resources for Freelancers Roundup  

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Mar 25

As a freelancer, you’re left to do just about everything yourself. Your invoicing. Your marketing. Your web design. And making the coffee. You’re not alone if you are searching for resources to make the job easier. In fact, it seems freelancers everywhere are writing about the subject!

So here is a roundup of ten lists of resources for freelancers. I admit that for a “Freebie Friday” I’m cheating—some of the lists contain options that cost real money. In a way that is helpful. It allows you to weigh up whether using a freebie is actually the smart way to go.
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Use Vector Stock Helper to Prepare Your Illustrator Files for the Marketplace  

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Mar 24

Are you a vector author at GraphicRiver? Do you use Illustrator as part of your process in preparing files for other marketplaces? Then you’ll probably find Vector Stock Helper useful.

Vector Stock Helper is a free Illustrator script for MAC/PC that help vector artist to check, clean, and export vector files ready for stock.

A powerful tool that simplify all the hard work, and help the Artist to avoid rejections due technical problems. See detailed features and version history below.

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Your Say: What’s in your dock?  

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Mar 23
My Mac OS X Dock

My Mac OS X Dock by Chris Pirillo

We want to hear from you. Each week we give you a chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Have your say!

What apps are in your dock? Or quick launch bar? Or Gnome panel? Give us the list in full, or just share the highlights.

Presentation at Dev Ops Melbourne March 2011  

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Mar 23

On Tuesday March 22nd I presented at Dev Ops Melbourne on how we handle our infrastructure and deployments without an ops team. I think around 80 developers and ops guys (or sysadmins if you’re old fashioned in your terminology) attended.

I think the talk was pretty well received, but the main value for me was actually having to think hard about how we, the dev team, approach our work and put it into writing. The big thing I realised is that a lot of our flexibility in how we work comes from the strength of our relationship with the community. All the feedback we receive on the forums and helpful bug reports feed back into the dev team and help us get better.

Anyway, while the talk wasn’t recorded, there’s a copy of the slides just below for your reading pleasure.

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This Week’s Featured Authors  

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Mar 23

Congratulations to this week’s featured marketplace authors!

tsafi ActiveDen Featured Author: tsafi

Our current featured author here on ActiveDen is tsafi who joined in June 2008, has a portfolio of 27 items for sale and has racked up 594 sales!
View tsafi’s Portfolio

MusicWave AudioJungle Featured Author: MusicWave

Our current featured author here on AudioJungle is MusicWave who joined in December 2010, has a portfolio of 128 items for sale and has racked up 106 sales!
View MusicWave’s Portfolio

CadenGrant ThemeForest Featured Author: CadenGrant

Our current featured author here on ThemeForest is CadenGrant who joined in October 2010, has a portfolio of 4 items for sale and has racked up 283 sales!
View CadenGrant’s Portfolio

baf2681 VideoHive Featured Author: baf2681

Our current featured author here on VideoHive is baf2681 who joined in February 2008, has a portfolio of 74 items for sale and has racked up 2802 sales!
View baf2681′s Portfolio

DmitriyK GraphicRiver Featured Author: DmitriyK

Our current featured author here on GraphicRiver is DmitriyK who joined in February 2010, has a portfolio of 19 items for sale and has racked up 986 sales!
View DmitriyK’s Portfolio

opticmedia 3DOcean Featured Author: opticmedia

Our current featured author here on 3DOcean is opticmedia who joined in September 2010, has a portfolio of 4 items for sale and has racked up 3 sales!
View opticmedia’s Portfolio

epicera CodeCanyon Featured Author: epicera

Our current featured author here on CodeCanyon is epicera who joined in February 2009, has a portfolio of 43 items for sale and has racked up 16658 sales!
View epicera’s Portfolio


Author Interview: Urbazon  

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Mar 22

Fruity Loops, fridges, bartending and poetry. Today we meet Dejan Pejčić (Urbazon) from AudioJungle. And GraphicRiver.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living?

Hi everyone! My name is Dejan Pejčić and I’m the guy behind the “urbazon” nickname on Envato marketplaces. I am from small East-European country called Serbia and I’m on my finishing year of master studies of Computer Science / IT.
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Creattica Surpasses 10,000 Featured Designs  

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Mar 22

We’re pleased to announce that Creattica now features over 10,000 designs. That’s over 10,000 opportunities for inspiration!

Creattica is a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery. Anyone can submit their work for consideration and voting on items is open to one and all. The best work is accepted and featured in the gallery which receives thousands of visitors every day.

If you’re looking for inspiration, spend some time exploring Creattica today. The site is well categorized so you can focus on your areas of interest. Take time to subscribe to the relevant RSS feeds so you won’t miss any inspiration in the future.

And if you have some inspiring designs, why not submit a few, and send us on our way towards 20,000 featured items. Simply create an account and then go to the Submit Form.

Featured Workspace: Hishandiwork  

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Mar 21

The Work Desk

Hishandiwork’s workspace is as simple and minimalistic as the iMac you find there. Computer, external backup drive, phone and whiteboard. I imagine a lot of work gets done here.

The Work Desk. This is where all of the gear resides on the 4′ x 2′ black desk.

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